These Sweet Pugs Need a Home!

Dearest Friends,
This sweet family of three is in need of a new home! Aren’t they just so precious!!??!! Are you the fur-ever family of Mama, Bear and Gilbert?? If so please contact Pug Rescue of Sacramento. Thank you to Pug Rescue of Sacramento and rescuers every where. You give us hope and remind us of the love in the world.
Warmest hugs and biggest thanks,
The Pugs and Kisses Family

Adorable Party Pug Needs His Rest

Livin’ the good life and keepin’ it real. Love you all!
High five and fist pump ~Riley Steven de Pug





Pugs and Kisses Original and Adorable Pug Grumble

Dear friends,
To us, family means a little crazy and a lot of love! We have a feeling some of you may be able to relate…
And to our sister Gretta Rose, who is here now only in spirit; we love you as much as we always have! You are forever in our hearts!!!
Love to all,
Riley, Clara and Ollie and the whole P+K fam


Riley Steven de Pug

Hey there friends,
Oh, I’m just foolin’ with ya, I’d never take your cookies…. But I bet you’d give them to me willingly…wouldn’t ya?
High Five and fist pump ~ Riley Steven


Cutest Pug Relaxes in Her Own Way

Dear friends,

It’s one of those nights! We gotta unwind somehow, right??? Yoga tomorrow for sure……
Well at least maybe.

Love you all, CF de Pug