Oliver de Pug Recovering from Eye Surgery ~ Day 6

Hi friends! Day 6 and I’m feeling better every day.
All done with one of my oral medicines. That leaves 2 more oral medications and 5 eye drops every day for a while longer…Yowza!!!
Mom has been sleeping downstairs on a futon with me the last couple of nights with my best friend Clara and last night was the first night I actually got comfortable and slept through the night.
My eyes are felling better every day, but I am not very happy about the cone. I am trying to be patient. Mom says I absolutely cannot take it off until the two weeks are up…one slip up and it could spell disaster…so I am going to tough it out…along with some special treats of course.
Another challenge with this cone is that Gretta and Riley don’t understand why I keep bumping into them. They can get a bit grumpy with me, so until it is off Mom is playing it safe and keeping us separated. It is only a little more than a week to go. Clara is standing by my side giving me nothing but love…I can do this!!!
Love and thanks to you all!
Oliver James


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