How to Best Dispose of Ticks ~ Pug Tip of the Week

~PUG TIP of the WEEK~
Tick Disposal

How do you dispose of a tick? You want to be certain it won’t reappear and you surely don’t want to squish it (and possibly spread contagious tick borne disease).

We simply drop the tick in a bottle filled with isopropyl alcohol.

(isopropyl alcohol aka rubbing alcohol, surgical spirit, clinic spirits…it goes by many names).

Have you tried this safe and easy way of disposing of a tick?
It is so easy. If you don’t want to save the tick for identification, all you need is:
1 small jar with a tight lid
isopropyl alcohol

We keep one small of bottle of isopropyl alcohol handy and whenever we find a tick we just drop it in the bottle of rubbing alcohol and close the lid. (We use a small bottle with a twist cap, that was once a medicine bottle. You could just use the alcohol in the bottle it comes in if you like.)
The ticks die in the alcohol.
You can throw out the dead ticks and change the alcohol as frequently (or as infrequently)
as you like!

We’ve already heard reports the ticks are pretty bad in some places near us this year.
How are they near you?
Click here for our full list of tips for dealing with ticks this season.
Here’s hoping these preventative tips help you so much that you never find any ticks to throw in your bottle of alcohol.
Now THAT would be very good.

xxoo always ~ Gretta Rose and the whole family

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