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Hi dear friends!
Welcome back to Friends Club Friday!
Today we are excited to introduce you to the Snyder fur family from Phoenixville, PA!
Their mommy wrote a very dear letter to us and we are so looking forward to sharing it with you. We love how her words convey the deep relationship that this family shares.
Hope you enjoy getting to know these sweeties as much as we have!! Here we go……

“Hi Pugs and Kisses! We currently have 3 pugs (and 1 who has passed on to the Great Meadow). We also have a 16 year old Lab mix and 2 mixed breed 15 month olds who keep us very busy. And…we have 4 cats.  So we have a houseful of fun!”

Let’s meet the puggies first!
Look at the cute Snyder PUGS in a PILE!

Now let’s meet them one by one…

Meet Peeps the Pug

“Peeps is our first pug and is the queen of our castle.  She is smart, funny, crafty, terribly friendly, endearing, cuddly, a good disciplinarian and a great eater and sleeper (hey – what pug isn’t?).  Peeps was rescued from a North Carolina kill shelter and we adopted her from her foster mom in January 2011.  She had had several litters of pups by then so the first thing we did was get her spayed.  She also went on to have a mastectomy and 2 lumpectomies for mammary tumors, so she is a real little survivor and is doing wonderfully today.  She rules the roost.  She is naughty when she eats poop in the backyard or when she chews on something just to get our attention. She loves to climb up on mulch piles and she really likes garden gnomes.  We couldn’t imagine our life without Peeps!”

Let’s Meet Edie the Pug

Mommy Snyder says, “Edie was our second pug her nickname immediately became “Beadle” – don’t ask me why.  She was found blind and wandering the streets of Jersey City.  She was taken in by her foster mom Linda at Animal Allies  and we adopted her in January 2012.  Edie had a special little tooth that used to stick out and make us laugh.  She was very special, and she especially liked being held by her dad because it made her feel safe.  When Edie would hear her meals being prepared, she’d get so excited she’d spin around in a circle and make these amazingly loud yips and cries.  She would occasionally get into a fight with the trash can, and she loved to waddle around and find a tree stump or a footstool and climb up and sleep.  Problem is – she’d get stuck there and was afraid to get down – poor Edie! We had to remove one of her eyes due to glaucoma and the other eye became very bad as well.  She had a lot of physical problems in the end and we decided to let her rest in peace in June 2013.  We still miss our funny, special Beadle.”
Bless Edie’s sweet little pug-heart. We are sure she know how much she forever-loved! AND forever adorable! How cute is she in that Easter bonnet?!?

George the Pug

This photo above is of sweet George with adorable Edie. Let’s hear all about George!
“George is our third pug.  We adopted him from a no-kill shelter in Nov 2012.  He had been rescued from a puppy mill.  George is about 11-12 years old, we think.  He’s the grumpy grandpa of the bunch.  George loves his family but when he gets tired of the antics of our younger dogs, he lets them know it.  George doesn’t like any shenanigans.  However, he is extremely loveable and very comical.  He poops in the house once in a while when its just too much of an effort to go outside…and sometimes it takes him by surprise as well – ‘who did that?  Was it me?’  George’s back legs aren’t the best but with his medication and daily walks, he’s building up those rubbery muscles.  He’s a great cuddler and will squish himself into a pug patch with anyone who’s already there – he’s not fussy.  We love our Georgie.”

Let’s Meet Bear the Pug

“Bear came to us in July 2013, also from Linda at Animal Allies.  She had been telling me about Bear and his brother Milo (who got adopted by another pug-loving family).  Bear is an extremely laid-back, loving, petite little fellow who walked right into the house and decided that staying with us was A-O-K with him.  He was at home on day one and made fast friends with everyone.  He’s become extremely devoted to his dad, who works from home most of the time.  Bear loves to join Dad in the office each morning and settles down after a snack to a long morning of hard work (sleep).  He’s a happy chappy and a wonderful addition to our home.  He was involved in helping with a pug rescue transport, so his dream is to run his own pug rescue organization someday…he’s thinking about that a lot when he’s working in the office with Dad.”
Bear’s days sound a lot like us we also snooze – we mean work- with Mom in her office!

Here are the Snyder pugs huddling together in the rain. They are looking so cute as always but maybe not so thrilled with the weather…

Mommy Snyder says, “So that’s our pug story to date…we hope to be able to add more pugs to our family in the future since we love them so much and they add so much happiness to our lives. We also have 3 other dogs and 4 cats!”

Lager is a 16 year old black Lab mix – our “great-grandpa” of the group.”

“He is eternally patient, loving and sweet with all the creatures he has seen come and go in our large household over these past years.  He is doing well and still insists on his daily walk – a true old gentleman.”

Finn and Klara are our 15 month old mix-breed rescues.

“Finn and Kiara’s mother was abandoned at a pet shop and later gave birth to 10 puppies who were fostered out immediately.  Their mom had to go into emergency surgery right after birth, so the puppies were all hand raised.  Finn and Klara were the last 2 left so of course we couldn’t separate them – and brought them both home!  We had forgotten how much fun (work) puppies could be!!!” (Look friends, that is George in the picture cuddling up with the pups, just as Mommy Snyder said!)

“We have 4 cats but one is too shy and we don’t have any digital pics of him. His name is Thomas and he is a beautiful orange marmalade tabby – but he’s not one to sit for a picture!”

“We have Walter – a large, long-haired tuxedo Maine Coon mix (we think).His mom was a stray who someone took in right before she gave birth to 4 kittens – and Walter was one of them!  He was my first cat, he is now 12 and he is the most wonderful cat in the whole world.  He gets along with everyone – is about 20 pounds so he’s a giant, but extremely gentle and loving to all.  He is the king of the castle.  He loves to be spanked on his back-end, and enjoys eating just about anything!

With Walter in the pic above is Dickens.
“Dickens is our baby cat at almost 2 years old. All black with about 7 white hairs under his chin – he was a stray who we trapped and kept. My mom also trapped Dicken’s mother and had her spayed and returned, and now she cares for her as an outdoor cat… Dickens is SO loving, SO sweet and So gentle – when we first got him he wasn’t even 2 pounds yet and so we fed him with an eye dropper a mixture of kitten formula and chicken baby food which we called “chiki-baba” and as soon as he’d hear me start to make it, he’d fly into the kitchen on his little stick legs and beg to be fed like a little bird.  We were originally going to foster him until we found him a home, but after less than 24 hours, we knew he was ours, and had to stay.  We all adore him.”
Squeak is a grey tabby – a stray kitten who we also trapped, tamed and kept.  He is a bit of a scaredy-cat but he does love his family.  He is now almost 8.”

Squeak with Dickens

Donna Antill - June 25, 2014 - 12:33 am

Fur-Family Snyder: YOU ARE ADORABLE!!! All of you! :D

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