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Adorable Pugs and Fur-Family Snyder on Pugs and Kisses FCF!

Hi dear friends! Welcome back to Friends Club Friday! Today we are excited to introduce you to the Snyder fur family from Phoenixville, PA! Their mommy wrote a very dear letter to us and we are so looking forward to sharing it with you. We love how her words convey the deep relationship that this […]

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How to Best Dispose of Ticks ~ Pug Tip of the Week

~PUG TIP of the WEEK~ Tick Disposal How do you dispose of a tick? You want to be certain it won’t reappear and you surely don’t want to squish it (and possibly spread contagious tick borne disease). We simply drop the tick in a bottle filled with isopropyl alcohol. (isopropyl alcohol aka rubbing alcohol, surgical spirit, clinic […]

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