Is My Pug a Healthy Weight?

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~ How’s My Pug’s Weight? ~

Our humans give us so much love and care. They make sure we have a loving home and a healthy lifestyle. They feed us a balanced and high quality diet to help us maintain a suitable weight for our frame.

We pugs love our food! So even with lots of careful planning from our humans we sometimes get a little heavier than maybe we should be. (We really kind of live for food- and belly rubs!)

Ha! This my silly brother, Riley, back in 2003. Looks like he’s trying to get the last morsels off of the dirty dishes before they got cleaned!!! A true pug, he is get every last bit of food he can. He does look very fit though, doesn’t he?!?

Since we love to eat, our mom is always watching our weight and making adjustments to our diet accordingly.

The first step in helping each of us be close to our ideal weight is accurately understanding where we are currently at.
On a recent trip to the vet, Mom saw a chart like this one that helped her think about our weight. (When looking at that link just scroll down to see the chart.) She found that viewing a dog from the top was most helpful. She then took a look at us from this view.

The pug breed standard calls for us to be compact and well muscled. (When looking at our physique in the pics below, please remember that Clara, Riley and I are senior dogs, so our muscle tone is age-appropriate.) It is the waist that we are looking for…

(13 years old)

(That’s me!!! I’m 14 years old)

(12 years old)

(8 years old)

 Doesn’t looking from above help?
Riley looks pretty great and Ollie does too. Like some humans, Ollie’s weight is ‘just right’ by nature and he gets to eat more than me. Riley, Clara and I tend to gain weight if we are not careful and Cousin Jasper (may he rest in peace) often struggled to maintain his weight.
Clara is currently on a bit of a diet and so am I. We could both stand to slim down a bit.

How will we do that??? Well…
As it is, we eat broccoli or green beans as part of our meals and go for hour long walks (5 times a week). This winter was not so great for walking. We had so much ice and our feet felt frozen. (Perhaps this is how we gained a little weight.) Now spring is here and warmer weather will mean we can get back to our regular walks which will help us drop the winter weight.
In addition to our meals, we do get a few pieces of kibble as rewards throughout the day and we do get a biscuit before bed. The first thing Mom does to help us slim down is to cut our night time biscuit in half. Right now I am getting a quarter of a biscuit and Clara is getting a half. Riley and Ollie are both getting a whole  biscuit. (Lucky brothers!!!) The next thing Mom does to help us slim down is to make sure our kibble is measured properly. This means no heaping measurements…

Then she sticks with it, gives it some time to work and keeps her eye on us as always.

If you want a little more help in thinking about your fur-babes weight; here is another great chart, but it does not have the view from above that Mom found so helpful.

If a dog you know and love needs to lose a serious amount of weight, here are some more great tips to check out. Be sure to discuss the steps you may want to take with your trusted vet before you begin.

We hope this post finds you all happy and healthy and we hope these tips help us all to stay fit and to live the best pug-lives possible.
xoxo always~  Gretta Rose de Pug and the whole P+K fam

Payton's mom - April 25, 2014 - 9:49 am

I think the fat content in the kibble can make a difference too when dieting. We had to do a lot of food research for Payton. A leaner protein, like white fish, can help cut calories. Good luck on your diet Gretta and Clara! But know that you are always beautiful to me!

pugsandkisses - April 25, 2014 - 1:35 am

Hi Jo-Ann! We have been eating broccoli for a long time but do talk to your vet. We were advised that it not make up more than 5-10% of our total diet. Thanks so much for writing and hugs to Suki!

Jo-Anne Fina - April 24, 2014 - 4:32 pm

My Suki, is overweight by about 5 lbs. My veg doesn’t seem too concerned but I am. I knew about green beans (she loves those) but I didn’t know pugs could have broccoli too. I’ll have to try that. Thanks for the tip :)

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