FCF ~ Do You Know Timmy the Pampered Pug!?!

Please meet our buddy, TIMMY the Pampered PUG!!!
We just love this sweet boy and we know you will too
(and we know those of you who already know him will have fun getting to know him even better)!
Timmy was born September 14th 2006. He lives in Western NY, (by Niagara Falls) with his momma, Maryann, and his 2 kitties, Ishii & Gracii.
Timmy tells us, “I was BFFs with Momma before she was my momma.  I was her friend’s doggie, but her friend gave me to Momma Maryann when she couldn’t get me potty trained…she has a very busy house and I am a very needy puggy.  I am a good boy with my potty habits now.”

What a cute smile Timmy has, right!?!
Timmy loves his food, just as we puggies do. Timmy’s favorite foods are raw crunchy carrots, baked sweet tatters, chicken, and anything off the grill. Timmy say, “Nom, nom, nom….” And we agree! Yum!
Timmy’s favorite toys are his Kong Pink Elephant. “I have 5 of these and I really don’t like other toys very much. I have to have my Pink Elly time right after I eat my din-din pretty much everyday. I like to play tug-of-war and play fetch with it.  Momma and I also run around the house chasing each other to get Pink Elly. I love Pink Elly time with Momma!”
When he’s not playing with his Momma, Timmy’s favorite pastime is sleeping! BOL, we hear that!!!

Timmy’s favorite people are his momma, his grannie, and his grampie…He also said, “OMD, I love everyone that is nice to pets. Xoxoxo!!”
Below are pics of Timmy doing his interview with us for this post. He a was a great sport and so fun to work with.
You are one sweet, cute, and interesting pug, Timmy!!!

Awwww what a cutie!!!!!!!!

And this is Timmy’s pack…

Timmy says, “I am one of the original creators & volunteers at
The Barktastic4 Team! Churchill, Kiko, Pugzlii and I help small dogs that need expensive medical care get funds by running auctions. So far in, 11 months, we have raised a total of $16,000.”
(WOW that is awesome!!!)
“It feels so good when you donate an item to an auction and you see how it ends up helping a doggie that needs us.  I am the Picture Fairy Superhero for the Barktastic4, but we all help do many tasks there.  Momma left our camera in an Alamo rental car…but Pugs And Kisses saved us so we could still do our job by sending us the best camera we have ever owned.  Thanks so much, way to Paw It Forward!!”
(It was our pleasure. We are so happy that we could help!!)

Timmy is happiest when his Momma can hang out with him. snort snort snort (And sad when she cannot..) He says,
“My humans love ME!!! My Momma also loves to garden, teach, help animals, take too many pictures, & ride her Harley.”

“When I am without my people, I get VERY anxious. I used to be fine without my people…but after I started having seizures at 3-years-old momma started leaving me with my grandparents while she was at work. Now I am so spoiled that I can’t even stand to be alone for 2 minutes.”
A few months back, Timmy’s seizures got really bad. So bad his mom put him on medicine. The seizures stopped but the medicine made Timmy so lethargic, he was not himself at all…We are happy to report that Timmy’s momma halved his dose and he is back to his great self and is seizure free!!!! We are so happy about this!!!

We asked Timmy what makes him excited and here did not hesitate, “GOING TO GRANNIE AND GRAMPIE’S HOUSE!!! Aroooooooooooooooo!!!!! I am so spoiled there…and I get to play with my pug bro Homer and pug sissy Sprite.”

Here he is layin’ with his grannie, Homer and Sprite.

Timmy says, “Homer is always cleaning Timmy’s ears….and Sprite always has her long tongue out.”

Here is T with his kitty Ishii.

And here is Timmy with his cute buddy Vito the puppy….

Vito is growing up fast, but he is still very cute.

 Timmy and Vito are getting ready for fall and Halloween by wearing bow ties by Buddy Love’s mommy… Lookin’ good boys!!!

A couple more things Timmy wants to share: “I like to tailgate in Momma’s Honda Element. The whole back of it is set up just for little ‘ol me… I have also ridden in a special bag on the back of her Harley!  I LOVE to go places!
I also love my Pug Meet-up Group, Pugs In Buffalo.” (We are so impresssed by Timmy riding on a Harley! What an adventurous guy!

Timmy wants everyone to,Paw It Forward! He says, “Please help others, its good for the soul. Adopt a pet. Share posts (of auctions, lost pets, pets needing homes) on social network. It really does help!  Sharing is caring.”

You certainly are a caring boy, Timmy and you are surrounded by dogs and people who are loving just like you. We are honored to know you. Thank you so much for helping us to write your story!
Friends, we hope you go visit Timmy soon and see all the great stuff he is up to!
Love to you all~ Gretta Rose and the whole pug family

Maryann & Timmy The Pampered Pug - October 14, 2013 - 8:13 am

WOW! We can’t thank you enough for your pawsome post!
Thanks so much!
We love you guys!
xoxo Maryann & Timmy

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