Riley Steve de Pug on Friends Club Friday

Hey there everybody and welcome back to Friends Club Friday!
My sister Gretta usually writes for the group, but today we thought we’d try something a little different.
Since today is all about me, Riley Steven…I have been given the chance to tell my own story! This is going to be so much fun!!!!! Before I forget, I have a new video which is basically “THE BEST OF RILEY STEVEN” have you seen it?

Most of you who know me know I am a laid back guy, but let’s start at the beginning… I am told I was a pretty funny pug baby. For one thing, I was very talkative (even though I’m pretty quiet now). I loved to lie on my back and make lots of sounds. So, Mommy and Auntie called me “bat baby” because when I did this I looked like a bat with flopped up ears and little sharp teeth. At the same time my rolly-polly pink belly would be showing. Sometimes I even fell asleep like this. I WAS CUTE!!!

I am also told that I cried a lot as a puppy and that I sounded very human. I detested riding in the back seat of the car and would cry and cry and reach out with my paws for my dad to bring me into the front (Back then I was all about my Dad! I love my dad, and have his name as my middle name, but if I had to say so, I’m more of a Mumma’s boy now that I am grown… I also am a great rider now. I’ve really changed from my puppy days to now.)

Now, as a grown pug I am way more serious and quiet. I do still make my funny noises, but only right before my lunch (which we affectionately call ‘lunch- lunch’ in my house). When lunch- lunch approaches I get all excited. Sometimes I need to remind my humans just what time it is, so I may push all of the pillows off the bed with my body or throw myself at Daddy’s legs while he’s working in his office or I’ll start rolling around on my bed in Mom’s office. Once they get the hint and begin preparing our food I just really lose my mind. I often get so excited that I throw myself all around and bang my chest into the cabinets, all the while making those childhood noises once again! I have many nicknames. I got the nickname TANK because of the way I throw may body around…

Once I get my delicious meal, I don’t waste time savoring it. I like to shovel it in by munching as fast as I can! Even if I am the last one served, I am one of the first ones done!!! However, I am just the opposite when it comes to my nighttime biscuit. Each night, after our last potty break we have “a nigh-nigh cookie.” We each take our special biscuit to our very same spot and each night I savor my cookie. I am the last one done every night (opposite of mealtime). Mom says, “Go figure…”

Are any of you readers Seinfeld fans? (My Dad is one of the world’s biggest Seinfeld fans ever.) One of my other nicknames is Puddy. (You know, Elaine’s strong and quiet boyfriend who she keeps breaking up with?) I got this nickname because sometimes my mom or dad will walk into a room I will just be standing there, staring into space. They say they are not sure if I lost in a really deep through or just completely zoning out… I can be a little hard to read in those moments. This is my Puddy face and this time I’m actually pondering…

Clara Francis is probably my best friend in the family. I think most of us animals would actually say that, so maybe it’s more about Clara being a great friend than anything else. She’s a very loving sister and makes us all feel so special. One thing that she and I love to do together is share a car seat on rides. Speaking of which, I just love our rides in the car. After a nice walk, I am the first one to fall sleep on the way home.
Here we  are clowning around on St. Patricks Day !

I am also very close with Gretta and my brother Oliver. Check out some of our brother pics here!

My sisters love to swim, but it has never been my thing. As my mom says, I “sink like a rock.” I have had lots of practice, but I don’t seem to improve. My black coat makes me the hottest of our pug bunch so mom wets we down all the time (before, during, and after) walks. So, if there is swimming to be had, my sisters go in for fun and Mom makes me go in for a cool-down. Mom holds my leash (attached to my harness) and I try my best (always get my doggie paddle going before I even touch the water) but my tooshie is helpless and hopeless and may back end just sinks like a brick. This year Mom got me a life jacket like my friend Bumblesnot!

Did you read Gretta’s Friends Club post? Remember how she is kind of defensive around other dogs but fine at the kennel? (That really makes my mom and dad perplexed, lol!) Well, it turns out that I am kind of the opposite. Around my pack I am a happy-go-lucky greeter. On walks, I just love to say hi to everybody and my mom knows she can let me go visit new friends and I will greet them in a very gentle way. This is where I get one of my other nicknames, “The Mayor.” Mom would say that I get along with everybody, BUT… the last time I stayed at the kennel, my mom and dad got a strange report. The nice lady at the kennel told my mom and dad that I was “very naughty”. Mom and Dad were so confused by this, they hardly thought to ask what it was that I was doing  and they left the kennel perplexed. I can tell you one thing, it’s a secret, I’ll never tell.

One last thing about me… in our modeling work my brothers and sisters sometimes get a little fed-up with one of my ‘special tricks’. You see, I often lie down in the middle of our group photo shoots. The other pugs lovingly refer to this as “the Riley” but at the same time they poke me and say, “Get up. We need your help to finish’s this shoot!!!”  While my brother and sisters have accused me of “sleeping on the job,” sometimes my laying down actually makes the shot like in this one (our best selling card)…. and this one…

And here I am laying down on the job in our holiday video last year…

Mumma just reminded me to say that I am never far away from her, but I am certainly not a lap-pug. I may follow her from room to room, but I like being in my own spot and being held is not my thing at all. At night, I start out sleeping down near Mumma’s feet, then in the middle of the night I come up and lay beside her.

Well, that’s me, a tough and tender fellow, who loves his family. Thanks so much for reading my story! I know I love reading about all our new friends on FCF and I am so honored to join this awesome group!

Keep on keepin’ it real!!! Love to you all ~ Riley Steven de Pug

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