Keeping Dogs Safe During Fireworks ~ Protecting Your Fur-Babes!

Happy 4th of July  everyone!
Today is a day of celebration in America, but while celebratory fireworks  are very fun for people, they are very scary for many dogs. In fact, fireworks are terrifying for some dogs. Each year we are reminded of the statistic that July 5th is the busiest day for many shelters and rescues because so many dogs bolt from the safety of their homes and owners in an attempt to escape the fireworks on July 4th.
A big THANKS to our friends Minnie & Max for sharing this article about how scary fireworks can be for some dogs. Check out the article and this one by Cesar’s Way. Here is a rundown of the tips both articles list to help keep your fur-babes calm and safe during the fireworks:

  1. Plan on being with your pet in a safe place when fireworks shows are scheduled nearby.
  2. If your family or friends have a place that is farther from the noise of the fireworks than your place, and if your dog is comfortable and familiar with that place, arrange to go there during the fireworks.
  3. Take a walk and wear your dog out before sundown. 
  4. Take your dog out to do their business well before the fireworks begin so you will be safe inside once they start.
  5. If you can not be home during the fireworks, arrange for another human your dog loves to be with your dog.
  6. Close the doors and windows and secure all gates.
  7. Turn on the television or music, fans and any other noisy devices to try and drown out the noise and percussion of the explosions.
  8. Just sit with your dog, maybe watch T.V. together.
  9. Try not to worry. While sitting with your dog, be calm and confident that all is well and your dog will feel your confidence.
  10. Leaving a dog in a crate or cage may not protect it. Dogs can chip their teeth and break their nails on cages. Make sure a person can be with your pet during this stressful time.
  11. If your pet doesn’t have a microchip or an ID tag with updated information, get that before the fireworks start. (It’s a little late to get a microchip for this 4th of July, but at least make sure your dog is wearing their collar or harness with their id tags.)
  12. If fireworks are are very big fear for your dog, try working on the fear in the future. The Cesar’s Way Post has good ideas of how to do this in their #3 entitled: Acclimation. You could also try working with a professional trainer to help your dog become more confident with fireworks or any other fears.

    Best of luck! We hope these tips help and we hope this 4th is happy and safe for all!

    We plan on being on the couch draped all over Mom and Dad.
    (This is our favorite way to celebrate, everyday of the year!!!)

    Love Always ~ Gretta Rose de Pug and the whole Pugs and Kisses family

Payton's mom - July 8, 2013 - 1:28 pm

Luckily the loud noises didn’t seem to bother Donald and Daisy, but they did bark a little bit when we were in bed. :-)

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