We Pugs Love Rockin’ Pearls

Hey Friends!
Time again for Tip of the Week!
This week we thought we’d have a little pug fashion fun and talk about Pugs in Pearls!!!

You may have noticed, we pugs wear a lot of pearls around here. Mom says she thinks they are kind of part of our ‘signature look’. Maybe she’s right. We are drawn to wearing pearls again and again. So today we are reflecting on the key rules we follow to keep our pearly looks fresh and lovely. Here we go…

1. More is more!

It is true that you will rarely see us wearing just one strand of pearls. Clara and I say, “Go all out with the pearls or don’t go at all!!!” Here I am wearing a nice simple pearl necklace, but it is the many strands (at least 6)that are what make the statement!
This is one time I wore just one strand. (Cute, right? But no real statement. I pretty much consider this a collar, not a necklace.)

2. Wear pearls with anything- OR with nothing at all!

We love to pair our pearls with hats and head pieces. From casual to very sophisticated it just seems to work! And this idea of wearing pearls with not thing at all… Well, this works especially well  for us dogs. As you can see, many strands of pearls can make a fantastic top!!!

3. Mix in a little sparkle to spice up your pearls!
Oh doesn’t Clara look  fabulous?!? I just love shiny gems with luscious pearls!
 Here’s another great pearl and shine combo mom and I put together!
Check this out…You can see my look coming together as I get dressed on video!

4. Or… add in some rustic stones to tone it all down.
Here Clara juxtaposes her pearls with some lovely faux turquoise. I love this look!

5. Go retro!

50’s, 6o’s, 80’s… all possible with the right pearls!!!

6. Go faux!
 Pearls in different hues are a perfect way to have some fun!

Pink and purple are beautiful and coral is a knockout every time!!!

7. And last but not least…wear some pearls in an unexpected way.
Like woven into a flower headbandHow about adding a butterfly while we’re at it…

Now it’s your turn! We would LOVE to see you in your pearls!!! Try one of our ideas or show us your signature pearl looks… Please come post you looks on our Facebook page! 
Bet your gonna be lookin’ fabulous!!!

All our love! xoxo~ Gretta Rose de Pug (and Clara Francis too!)

Payton's mom - May 19, 2013 - 11:22 pm

I’ll tell you who’s fabulous…Gretta and Clara layered in pearls! Pretty pearls but even prettier pug girls!

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