Keeping Pugs Cool As it Gets Hot

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Keeping Pugs Cool as it Gets Hot

 We live in the beautiful state of Maine and happily enjoy the wonder of 4 seasons. Spring and Fall tend to be our favorites…Summer and Winter are beautiful too, but the extreme hot and cold require some planning and problem solving by our humans.

  It is only the very beginning of May, but yesterday it was 70 degrees here, so since it already getting hot, it is time to start thinking about keeping cool!

First of all, keeping cool is especially important for Pugs. We are short nosed (brachycephalic) dogs and this make breathing a big issue for some of us. Dogs do not sweat, we cool ourselves through panting. Because of this, we short nosed dogs, can overheat even more easily than other breeds. This means we may need to be kept cooler than other dogs to stay healthy and happy.

Here are some of our tips for keeping pugs cool in hot weather. Please do write to us and share what you do to keep your pugs cool!!! 

1.Make sure the environment is cool enough.

If you live in a place that gets above 80 degrees fahrenheit  and you have a pug, we believe you need at least one room that is air conditioned. ***Be prepared for power outages*** If your dog or dogs are home alone in the a/c make sure a neighbor with a key can go over and check  on them if the power goes out.

If for any reason you cannot have one room with a/c, you can use fans, but you will need to be able to wet down your dog often during hot times and  you will need to be home to monitor them. 

We use air conditioning at our house, but here are a few cooling tools that seem to effectively help other dogs keep cool. Let us know if you use any other these cooling tools!

Cooling blanket
Cooling Padgreat for senior dogs. You can make make your own…Does anyone recommend a specific brand to buy?
Cool Vests

-Make a shady spot using a tent or tarp.
-Set up sprinklers or misters to make the air cool.
-Put out a shallow kiddie/doggie pool- plastic molded (not blow up). Make sure to keep an eye on your dog around water and empty the pool when it is not in use.
-If you have a lot of property, allow dogs a place to dig and make a cool spot to lay (this is one of their natural ways to be cool).

2. Always leave out enough fresh water for drinking.

3. Be aware tha black dogs and dark dogs get hot faster than lighter colored dogs.

4 Keep a close eye on dogs during the heat.

5.Never leave your dog in a car unattended! Cars become like ovens! Even if it is just 70 degrees out, the inside of a car can be way over 100! That is deadly.

Exercise in the Summer 

Exercise is an important part of  our happy life. Most days we take a nice 1 hour or 1.5 hour walk. In order to keep this up durng the heat, our Mom takes special precaustions.

1. If we are panting before we even begin walking- we skip the walk that day.

 2.We walk in the coolest parts of the day- early morning or in the evening. (Some days it is even too hot to do this. Then we must stay in…)

3. Mom wets everyone down before AND during the walk. (Dogs cool from the bottom up, so she makes sure to get our paws and bellies.) Mom loves to take us places we can go for a dip or swim on summer walks- just make sure you know your dog’s strength as a swimmer and use caution. Mom always leaves our harnesses on and holds our leash if the water is getting deep at all…

4. Carry fresh water and give lots of drinks before, during, and after walks. (Water in nature can be unsafe to drink- even very clear water. We like to carry our own from home…)

5. Watch closely for any signs over over heating. Excessive panting being the first sign, not wanting to contnuine on the walk, or laying down could follow. If you think your dog may have heat stroke, take it seriously. Check out more info in heat stroke in dogs, here.

6. Always remember that black dogs get hot faster that lighter dogs. Riley gets extra wet downs on our walks!

**** Remember, some days it is TOO hot for our walk****
Better safe than sorry!!!!
 (Sometimes this happens many days in a row. On these days we like to do some fun indoor stuff in the a/c to keep us from getting bored.)

-We might do a photoshoot, then have treats

-Mom might practices basic commands with us.

-We play with our favorite stuffed toys (while Jasper the Boston terrier runs circles around us…)

-Then of couse, we nap for the other 21 hours of the day… Oh the life of a PUG!!!!

What do you like to do indoors, when it is too hot to go outside or get exercise? What other tips can you share with us about how you keep cool?
BE COOL and Safe! Always~ Clara Francis, Gretta Rose, Oliver James and Riley Steven de Pug

tarun m - November 16, 2014 - 8:16 pm

Thanks for this precious information and I want to buy a pug where it is 105 f in summers ,winters are no shorter then 78 f ,no I am not in Sahara ,I am in India ,I have a air conditioned room but don’t know if the power cuts ,3 hours cut in the summer is must ,well I want to know bathing the pug two times on a summer day can keep it cool or not ,I don’t want to take it out at all in that hot weather and yes for a cool evening walk.Id it advisable to buy one ,I have seen pugs live without air conditioners even in 109 f ,how do they do that? I can’t get the answer anywhere ,please let me know,
Thanks for the information :)

Payton's mom - May 7, 2013 - 11:37 am

These are such great tips and so very important for pugs. Check out the cooling vest/harness I made for Payton. I hope to make one for Donald and Daisy next week.

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