Hey, It’s THE BUMBLESNOT! We Know You Love Him!!!

Welcome back to Friends Club Friday!!!
Today we introduce our buddy, The Bumblesnot!

Bumble is an awesome friend, always there to give us a thumbs up or a little hug… and MY GOODNESS he knows just how to make us laugh!!! What can we say? We LOVE this boy!!!
Let’s get to know this pug, formerly known as Buddy Love… Now affectionately called The Bumblesnot!!!

Here is The Bumblesnot with his wheels!
We’ll get to that part of his story in a minute, but first we’ll start from the beginning…

(This is The Bumblesnot’s story, adapted from the words of the The Dark Haired Lady.  You can find the full story written by her, by clicking here. You can find Bumble’s story very sweetly illustrated and told by his human sister, here.)

Bumble was adopted from a city shelter back in February 2011. His family had just lost their beloved 12-year old Lab one month earlier (to cancer and old age. These people are dog lovers and their heavy hearts were ready to love again, so they began looking online at all the dogs up for adoption at local shelters. They knew we wanted to rescue a pet — to give a needy dog a loving home.  When The Dark haired Lady first saw “Buddy Love” on the website, she was a little unsure. He was 8 years old and he did not look very healthy in his photo. (Poor boy!) She went on to look at hundreds of photos of dogs, every day for about a week.  Something made her go back to Buddy’s photo. The whole family went to the shelter to meet him. Bumble jumped right into his future Mommy’s arms and it was clearly love at first sight for both of them. There was no doubt that they would be adopting him.

As The Dark haired Lady had suspected from his photo, Bumble was not the healthiest boy when they got him.  He was nearly 10 pounds overweight and he was not house trained.  He had ear mites, two eye infections, rotten teeth (three of which had to be pulled), and his nails were so long that they were curling up into his paw pads. (Poor poor baby, Bumble!) Thankfully his new family was on the case. They put him on a strict diet and took care of his medical ailments.  About a month later, he was down to 15 pounds (where he is now).

The Dark Hair Lady explains how Bumble got his wheels:
“Unfortunately, about that time we also noticed that he was dragging one of his rear legs slightly.  We went back to the vet, where x-rays were done but nothing was conclusive.  We did not have an MRI done because 1) it is very pricey and 2) Buddy’s “pre-existing conditions” would not be covered by pet insurance. The x-rays did not show any tumors on his spinal column, but the vet said that he must have some nerve damage.  We think it was from either abuse from his previous situation or possibly from years of jumping off the couch/bed or other high places.  We will never know for sure.  Regardless, the vet said that he could tell BOTH rear legs were exhibiting mobility problems and that it would be a good idea for us to think about a dog wheelchair, since we were not going to put Buddy through any surgery.  He had been through enough.’ 

‘At that point, Buddy was still able to walk a bit and stand on all four legs.  We went ahead and ordered him a K9 Cart, which helped him greatly.  He took to it right away and enjoyed his walks and the added stability.  He still uses it to this day.  Nowadays, he cannot stand on his own at all or use his rear legs to walk.  His front legs are very strong, however, having to compensate.  While the cart does help, we carry him outside when he needs to go to the bathroom.  He needs to have his bladder expressed since he is unable to do so on his own. He has to be hand fed since it is difficult for him to eat from a bowl. Despite all his health problems, he is a very sweet and friendly dog.  He IS grumpy, too, however.  Just like an old man, he barks until he gets your attention.  If you walk into a room and do not greet him, he will let you know he’s upset.  He loves to sit next to you and cuddle on the couch. In fact, it’s his favorite place (on his towel, of course).”

As you heard The Dark Haired Lady explain, Bumble has some special needs. We are so happy and thankful that he and these loving humans found each other. They take great care of him, give him all he needs, make a nice cozy towel spot for him, and even feed him the occasional piece of bacon while keeping his weight just right!
Hmmm, these might be SUPER HUMANS we’re talkin’ about!!!

Ok, back to Bumble. It needs to be said:  We think The Bumblesnot is a complete DUDE! He is one of these fellows who charms us the most when he’s being a little rude and crude…We used to wonder, how does he do it? Well, we think we’ve figured it out… He endears us with his big heart! He’s a bit cantankerous, but he is just so FULL of love.

He reminds us of a crotchety, yet so very lovable uncle or granddad on a great sitcom. (Frank from, “Everybody Loves Raymond” comes to mind!) He can say the darndest things, but you never really wonder if he’s coming from a good place because under it all, he is a big ball of love!!!!! For lots of good times with the Big B make sure to visit him often on Facebook!!!

So, Bumble is particulaly funny when talking about his doggie brothers… Oh yeah, wait a second, we almost forgot to introduce his family…The Bumble lives with The Tall Man, The Dark Haired Lady, The Little Girl, the Younger Boy and The Older Boy. AND Kato, aka,”The New Kid” (the fawn Pug below) and Marc Anthony. aka, “The Wee One.” (the sweet fuzzy, floppy-eared pup). So as we were saying, The Bumblesnot’s riotous wit really comes alive when speaking of his little brothers!

This is The New Kid. And this is what Bumble has to say about him:

“The New Kid:
Athletic build
Soft, shiny coat
Dumb, blank stare
Well, two out of three ain’t bad!”


And now,  The Wee One. I mean, How cute is this sweet pup?!? Listen to how The Bumble professes his love:

“Do I really need this on a Monday morning?
snort get him away from me snort snort”

Oh Bumble!!!!

The Wee One snugglin’ with The New Kid

Check out this awesome shirt on The Tall Man!!! The Bumblesnot and his family recently started a great line of products at Zazzle! You can see all the Bumbleswag by clicking here and all the proceeds of our purchases will help Bumble support pug rescue organizations! Go Bumble!

Speaking of schwag…The Bumble lives a life of prosperity! Maybe it is because HE is SO giving, so it just comes back to him in spades… Firstly, he is completely surrounded by love. (The Big B is so loved at home and by his many Facebook friends!) Secondly, he is surrounded by gifts! Holiday or no holiday, this boy is showered with offerings! Once again we think this is the perfect example of getting back what cha give…Check out all this love coming right back to our boy…

You may have picked up on the fact that Bumble was once named Buddy Love. Isn’t that funny considering we have another lovable friend named Buddy Love the Pug… Obviously Bumble has a new name even though it seems he may still use Buddy too, at least around the house…The Dark Haired Lady explains… “Well maybe you are wondering where  ‘The Bumblesnot’ got his famous moniker… all credit goes to The Tall Man.  Never satisfied with the name “Buddy Love,” TTM decided to give him playful nicknames based on his bodily functions (albeit disgusting).  Buddy sort of ‘bumbles’ around.  He definitely ‘snots’, snorts and makes all sorts of Puggish sounds, but more so than other Pugs I’ve met.  So, now he is ‘The Bumblesnot’ for all intents and purposes.”

Well, there you go! Wasn’t that good fun?!? Thank you friends for openening your hearts to The Bumblesnot.
Thank you also to Bumble himself and to B’s special family
for being so loving and so much fun (and for helping us to tell your story)!
We are so happy to know you!
All our love and wag wag snort snort, right back at cha, forever!
Always~ Gretta Rose and the whole Pugs and Kisses family

Peggy and Fal - April 14, 2013 - 10:16 pm

Boy am I happy to find Bumblesnot! I laughed so much as Bumble is such a puggy PUG and you are great for becoming his permanent family.

Our Pug, Peaches Lorre (after Peter Lorre), is only 10 months old but is the light of our lives (along with 5 older sister and brother mixed dogs). Our first and last bought AKC dog (it was a Bucket List kinda’ thing), she actually seems to be pretty normal, but time will tell. I know she keeps us laughing trying to understand her. Of the gazillion dogs we have had over the last 38 years, she is the first to go to doggie training because she is smart, but being a pug, very stubborn. She is doing well and will eventually be a therapy dog for hospice and the local rest homes.

I notice that Bumble is brindle, which is a pug color I never knew existed until recently. Peaches was born black, but at 10 months, she is turning a dark brindle, which we find rather special!

There are lots of pugs and pug mixes here in Florence, OR. I never really knew how popular they are right now. If we ever get another dog, it’ll be an older Pug from a Pug rescue..even special needs as I was a vet tech for 15 years before I became an RN.

I don’t facebook, but I do email..would love to hear from you. Are you in Santa Clarita, CA? We moved here from North Hollywood when we retired..both worked in the movie biz for 30 years..really happy to get out of LA!

Great family, great dogs, great karma! big sloppy kisses to Bumble and the gang! I’m going to order some t-shirts from zazzle!..Peggy

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