Tip of the Week~ ~Rock the Red Carpet~ Gretta’s Glam Rules~

Tip of the Week~Rock the Red Carpet
We all love a little glamour in our lives! We Pugs and Kissses ladies love a lot of GLAM! We are SO excited for the Oscar red carpet and we are spending the rest of the week planning our looks for our big Oscar party! Now, every fashionaista has some good, some great, and some not so great looks under her belt. Today, I am presenting you with my persosnal tips for looking fab on the red carpet! These rules are pretty simple, but I think they really help!  See you on the red carpet, Beauties!
xoxo always~ Gretta Rose de Pug

Rock the Red Carpet
~Gretta’s Glam Rules~ 

1. True glamour starts from within.
Always be true to yourself. If you are not feeling it, that is it, just move on!  (Take Look A on the bottom right as an example. I love everything I am wearing in this look, especially this teal stole, but all together it just doesn’t feel like ‘me’ so it’s a no go…)

2. Less is more.
This look featured above is a paired down look. I also tried the same look plus a feather headpiece and a long tulle skirt (see Look B at the bottom). Both looks are beautiful, but I feel young and fresh in this option and I think it allows my personalty to shine through! (Your personality is very important and always a good thing- remember #1!)

3. Less is more, except those times when more is more.
OK. there are times when more is more, and you will just feel it. Sometimes glamour means going all out! (If your feeling it, don’t back down, Just work it! See #6! On a certain day I may choose Look B over Look A, just cause I’m feeling it! A different gal may choose Look B over Look A anyday…)

4. Know the trends but follow your heart.
How can you follow rule #1 and #6 if you are going by what someone else says or decides? You know you best and everyone must always remember that!

5. Be event appropriate.
One of my more traditional rules..Sometimes rules are meant to be broken, but don’t throw out all convention! Show respect for your hosts and the event you are attending by keeping your look event appropriate. (See Look C? The hat is super cute and I just had to try it…But not for the Oscars! Better for a day at the races…)

6. Work it!
Follow rules 1-5 and then just own it! Be the amazing you that we all know and love and have the time of your life! Then and only then, will your glamour ooze, drip, and shine like the most luxurious Harry Winston set! ENJOY!!! xo~G

                                     LOOK A                                                                                LOOK B


Today’s Winning Look!!!

Payton's mom - February 21, 2013 - 4:02 pm

Your tips are spot on, Gretta. And I just have to add that you are so beautiful in all your looks!

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