Meet Our Pug Valentines and Forever Friends!

Hi dear friends! As many of you know, we were feeling so lucky and happy this Valentine’s Day. Each of us has an extra special valentine and our hearts are so full and warm! Over the last few weeks we have had the chance to get to know these special pugs and so for this week’s Friends Club Friday, we are so excited for you to get to know our sweeties! We will each introduce our Valentines to you. Here we go….


Hi friends~ Gretta Rose here! My Buddy Love the Pug is a very sweet and polite boy. You may have noticed that he has only one eye. His Mommy explained to me that he lost his eye after a bad time with diabetes. His mommy works very hard to keep him healthy, but his diabetes was just too bad. To make sure he is staying healthy now, Buddy Love goes to the vet to have a ‘curve check’. (He stays at hospital all day and they take his blood ever 2 hours to see where is blood sugar level is.)
Buddy’s other eye is only 25% healthy, so Buddy Love can’t see very well. His mom was afraid that he would lose some of his cute little personality after he lost his sight, but he is a smart boy, his family has adjusted some things for him, and overall he’s been doing really well.
He loves being outside and playing with sticks. Now that he can’t see so well, his mom brings the sticks to him and he rolls around and talks with the stick in his mouth. He loves it! Buddy loves stroller and wagon rides! He gets so excited when his mom gets them out. Camping and the beach are his two favorite places in the world and he knows both of  those words very well. (This is something Buddy and I have in common! I also love the beach and it is one of my many words!) Buddy understands so many words, his mom has never met a dog who knew more. She has to whisper in front of him so that he doesn’t get upset or think someone is at his house because he heard their name. His mom tries to spell words out and even then he sometimes understands! Well, not me. I know a lot of words, but I have to say that spelling thing gets me every time.
Buddy’s mommy says that he is very spoiled by everyone that meets him. Buddy even has his own special diabetes safe treats that Dog Mom’s Bakery so kindly worked with his doctor to make. He gets a small piece of treat at night, after his meal. The treats are even named after him: Buddy Love’s Treats!
Buddy is super cute. One of the cutest things he does, is pray before he eats his meals. His mom puts his bowl down, then he backs up a little, then sits and stares down at his food for a few seconds. Then, after he is done with his prayer, he will look up and do a prance, then dig in. He will not start to eat until he does this whole prayer routine. (Man, maybe I should learn some etiquette from my fine fellow. I just dig- in!)
So, besides the fact that both us are very loving and very good at understanding the English language, Buddy and I have one other thing in common…We both HATE having our nails clipped! I squirm and yell and sound like someone is really trying to hurt me. Poor Buddy holds his breath until his tongue turns purple! His mom says one great thing about Buddy going for his curve check is the one vet tech who can somehow get Buddy’s nails clipped in one go!
Buddy’s doggie family is made up of Maggie age 11, Lil Mo age 1.5 and Buddy Love. Here is a pic of the whole family! Hey wait…Who is that other puggie, you ask? I asked him mommy, but a little too late. We will have to update this post with the name of that cute pug.
You have my heart Buddy! xo always~ Gretta Rose


ROCKY the Pug

Hiya friends! Clara Francis here! Now it’s time to meet my Valentine, Rocky the pug! He and I have only know eachother for a short while, but man-o-man we get along so well! One thing I love about Rocky is how he makes me laugh. He eats anything he can get his paws on, including shoe laces and socks. What a goof! Sometimes he takes it too far and eats plastic bags and once he even ate a roof shingle. I tried to to tell him that was very serious, (and not funny at all) but he didn’t really listen. Poor pug, had to go for emergency surgery after that shingle! His mom and dad were so worried!  Happily he is alright, but I am not sure he has learned his lesson  (Maybe he thinks he’s part billy goat?!?)

Rocky LOVES the dog park. He runs and chases the biggest dog in the park! Silly pug! He also loves getting dirty and jumping in his daddy’s truck. He tells me I should see his dad’s face when he does that, but I say I’d rather not. (I don’t like getting in trouble.) Rocky’s favorite place to be is curled on on the bed with a bone. If he is laying and cozy he will not move. His family can lay on him and even roll on him and he does not care!  Rocky and I love to go to the dog park together and then just laze about in a cozy dog bed. We are both very good at snuggling!

Rocky lives with his Mommy and Daddy and 5 brothers and sisters!!! Here is is with his spblings: Sammy, (then Rocky,) Frankie, Sophie, Molly and Maxie… Did you all meet his family in last week’s Friends Club Friday? If not make sure to go meet them now! They are such a cute family!
Love you Roc! Hugs~ Clara

Hi friends! Ollie here! My dear Tallulah Belle goes by a few nicknames. He family calls her Tullie, Little T, Naughty Pug, and Chewy (Chewy because her Daddy refuses to be out in the front yard calling “Tallulah Belle” Hehhheee.) I just call her Love!
Tullie likes to work with her mommy at the grooming shop, but from what her mommy says she does more playing than working. She likes to “tease” the other dogs who are waiting for grooming in crates. She flaunts herself in front of them showing she doesn’t have to be in a crate. Then when a dog comes out of a crate, she will run in it and promptly pee or poo on their towel. (Oh no! Naughty pug indeed! But still- so nice!) Her mommy told me some other stories about how she got her nickname Naughty Pug: Sometimes she grabs the end of the toilet paper roll and runs through the house with a long line of paper trailing behind her. If there is something that she wants on the kitchen table, she will push out a chair far enough out so she can use it to jump on to the kitchen table. (Why didn’t I think of that?!?)
As we all know, Little T has sweet side, too. She loves to cuddle and will do anything for a tummy rub. She likes to talk and tries really hard to reply, “I love you” in her little barks. (She told me this just the other day, melt my heart!) T tells me that she adores her brothers to no end, but her sisters are a different story. She wants to be top girl of the house, and why shouldn’t she be?!?
T’s siblings are: Yoda (pug age 18), MaeCee Jo (boxer age 9), Archie Moe (pug age 7), Mavis (pug in a wheelchair- turned 9 on Valentines Day), and Mr. Wilson (golden age 2).
A few years ago, Tallulah had her own clothing line named after her. (The business was started by a friend in Florida who made pug clothing. The friend is now too busy, so she no longer sews…) The clothing line was called Tullie’s Cupcake Collection it was frilly dresses for pug girls…(My sisters wish this line still existed!)
These two pics are of Tullie and the gifts she gave me! Look, she just loves these toys and she helped make me a blanket! What a sweetie!!
You have my heart, T! Yours always~ Ollie james

My Sweetie, Pugzlii Ann Myrtle- Grace is 8 years old. She lives on a horse farm in the country and she loves exploring in the woods an going for car rides to the park. Her kneecaps (pugtellas) are in bad shape and she has a misshapen back leg, so she uses a cart for walking and sometimes gets around in a stroller.  One of her favorite activities is napping (and I feel the same way). We have a great time just lounging around together! We like each other’s laid-back personalities!
Pugzlii works at B4-The Barktastic Four as Keeper of the Treasures. It is a big job!!! She is important! B4 has auctions to help raise money for doggies in need! She and her mommy make sure people pay for the things they sign up to buy in the B4 auctions.
Just like me, Pugzlii really loves her Mom. Her mom was hurt badly in a riding accident and has spent a long time in bed. Pugzlii makes sure to be a great mom-companion to her mama. They love watching Animal Planet together and Pugzlii is always there for her mama to cuddle!!!
My Sweet P’s favorite treat is peanut butter. Mmmm, that sounds gooood! Mostly you should know that Pugzlii Ann is just the sweetest gal and we are the best of friends! Check out this pic of Pugzlii in her bow tie… It is almost like mine… We both got them from Buddy Love (My sister Gretta’s Valentine)!!!
Love you till the moon and back, Sweet P! Forever~ Riley Steven

Thanks so much for taking the time to get to know our sweet Valentines! All of our love to them and to you! Thank you  for the unconditional love and wonderful friendship.  Always~ Gretta, Clara, Riley and Oliver de Pug

Payton's mom - February 17, 2013 - 11:30 am

It was so much fun to learn all about your sweeties! How lucky we all are to have special friends in our lives.

The Slimmer Pugs - February 15, 2013 - 2:47 pm

What wonderful couples yousa all are…itsa was great getting to knows y’all!!
Much Luvums,
The Slimmer Puggums
George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, & Mimi

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