Adorable Pug Family Valentine

Hi Dearest Friends! Riley, Gretta, Clara, and Oliver de Pug here!
This is our 2013 Valentine’s Day pic! Hope you like it… We love getting all dressed up and posing all together. It is a fun, special family activity for us! Wanna see some of our other ‘Whole Pug Gang’ shots? Click here. 
What do you think?
Some people ask, “How do you get them all to sit together like that?” Well, we are trained to sit on our special bench and we get chicken as we pose. Mommy (our photographer) makes sure to keep each photo shoot nice and  short so that we don’t have to work too hard. Wanna see Gretta and Mom doing a photo shoot together? Check out this video!
Usually our shoots go pretty smoothly… During this Valentine’s Day shoot Mommy thought we were a little too excited about our chicken. She might have been right. Check out these outtakes!
We spent a lot of time looking down and around to find more chicken!!!

In this last one we are being very good models, but Ollie said that his hat looked silly, so Mom changed it for him. Sometimes we have to try a few different wardrobe options…
Wishing you all a Valentines’s Day filled with family, friends, and love!
Always~ The whole Pugs and Kisses Family

Sasha Hunt - March 28, 2013 - 10:07 am

Soooo cute!!!!!

Payton's mom - February 15, 2013 - 12:38 am

I don’t blame you for getting excited about your treats. Say, maybe it’s time to negotiate higher treat wages? ;-)

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