Hello Cute Pugs!!! Let’s Meet Milo and Princess Marie on FCF!

~Today on Friends Club Friday~
Let’s Meet Milo and Princess Marie!

 Milo and Princess Marie are two cutie-pie pugs from Connecticut, USA. They were introduced to us by their devoted mom, Donna.  We are so happy to know them and know you will be too!
Milo is 7 and Princess Marie is 5 and they are very in love.

Here they are looking darn cute and so cozy.

And here is Mr. Milo…

all bath-robed up after a day of spa treatments with his mom!
(Mani/pedi, oatmeal bath, a blow dry and nap with our bath robes.)
That sounds amazing except for the mani/ pedi :(

Donna adopted Milo from a private breeder and picked him up in Kennebunkport, ME. (Hey that’s our home state!)

Milo has had a few other siblings before Princess Marie…”We brought him home and introduced him to our (at that time) 9 year old Black female Sadie Marie. Sadie has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge and Milo became very depressed without a companion.”

Enter Adorable Princess Marie!!

Isn’t her coloring SO unique!?!
She is a special girl. Just listen to her mom tell her adoption story…
“So I started looking at rescues again and picked out a black female pug named Marjorie. The night before we went to pick her up we were told the foster family decided to keep her but they had this cute white one who they said did not photograph well.” (That seems like an oversight. Just look at her pics!)
“I was so desperate by this time for another pug and to finally complete this looking for a dog mission I said we’ll come and meet her. She was so emaciated and timid it was heartbreaking. She took 10 minutes to low crawl her way from one end of the couch to where I was sitting where she curled up in a ball and went to sleep. My husband looked at me and said, ‘she’s ours. Let’s go.”

“When we adopted Princess she had a tiny little ‘bite’ like spot on her flank like the size of a pencil eraser. I said ‘Ah I can take care of that in no time with a little Neosporin.’ Yeah, no. It became this oozing gross boil thing. We put her on 3 rounds of antibiotics and I bought dog t-shirts and sewed in extra layers of white cotton fabric inside the t-shirt over the wound spot to try and absorb the discharge and keep it off of our clothes and furniture all to no avail. Plus we were trying to bond with her and who wants to cuddle with a boil. Finally 2 months later I  agreed with our vet to do surgery to cut out the spot. That is when we found out about her enlarged heart and practically non existent hip sockets (picture a flat sugar spoon not melon baller) and bad knees.”
Oh my goodness, thank heavens this girl found such a loving and caring family to be a part of!!

“When our vet did the surgery she found an massive internal infection and a piece of hay or straw in the whole mess.”

“Princess came home with a 6″ incision with external purple Frankenstein stitches. We had to tranquilizer her because in spite of the incision SHE FELT GREAT and she kept building up with fluid from being too active. Two weeks later the stitches were removed and she started absorbing nutrients from her dog food. She started to put on weight (from a low of 11 pounds). Her coat started to get shinny and she got a sparkle in her eye. I kept the t-shirts on because it was winter and she was so thin… Moral to this story:
rescuing dogs is a marathon not a sprint.”
Well said, Donna! We are so thankful for your dedication to these two sweeties!

“This is Milo again. I LOVE his tail rudder. Milo hates the water but loves the snacks that go in the pool area.” (Sounds like our brothers…) “He will sit outside the pool gate panting so you have to catch him and put him in the water and he air swims before his feet touch the water. He is a splash-a-holic. After he gets wet he will hang out there all day.”

“We put the pugs in the pool for two reasons. 1. Since they are constantly having the butt sniffing contests right near the edge of the pool we felt it was important to make sure they could swim enough to stay afloat until we could jump in to retrieve them and this has happened. 2. To keep them cooled off when they are stalking the snacks. Our pool is tiny (13 x 19) and very warm (solar heating system mounted on the garage roof). My number is 86 degrees.
A couple of years ago we had our July 4th party and it was HOT. I asked everyone to please try to keep the pugs cooled off… I still have a memory of one of my daughters friends  standing in the deep end shady area with Milo sleeping in his arms and Milo’s head on his shoulder.”
HA! We just LOVE picturing this!!!

“Princess can’t really swim because she has practically non-existent hip sockets so she can’t get the kick going but she is a jumper. She knows if I am in the pool and she jumps I will catch her. Best not be holding your beverage. They bark and scratch the back door if I leave them in the house (with AC) and we are in the pool. We also have an pergola covered with wisteria with a slate floor that is easily 10 degrees cooler and sometimes they will go in there. I came up with an idea to made them a little covered lounging area. My husband Bill and I made the frame with white PVC pipe and I covered it with sunbrella fabric where the sides and front could be tied up and down and then I made a dog bed cover with some fluffy cotton towels. Yeah they hated it like pug prison. They prefer to lay down under one of the chaise lounges.”
Sounds about right. Gotta be with our people!!!
“We fostered a pug last summer Lilly (for about 2 months) who had (they said) severe anxiety. She did make a few noises the first night but the 2 lards just piled on top of her and that took care of that.”
It sounds like Milo and Princess had a natural therapy for Lilly Pad. We call it “covered in pugs” in our house. It works every time!!!
We love how these two give each other touch therapy all the time! Just check out how they sit with one another!!!
Thank you all for joining us this week! Hugs and thanks to Milo, Princess, Momma Donna (for telling their story) and to all you readers.
We love you all!
Always ~ GR and the whole fam

Feeding Vegetables to Our Pugs ~PUG TIP of the WEEK~

~PUG TIP of the WEEK~
Feeding Vegetables to Our Pugs

Ha Ha just kidding….
We really do love broccoli and we’ve recently added green beans to our diet too!

Veggies?!? YES! We love them. Truth is we love most food. We love to eat!
Sadly once we became mature dogs, we began to gain weight so easily that we were gaining even when we were eating barely enough kibble to make us feel full. That’s where broccoli came in and saved the day! We incorporate a little broccoli into our daily diet and it helps to keep our bellies full while helping us stay slim. Our vet was on board with our plan.

However, we recently come across some writing online which said that too much broccoli could be harmful to us. After reading this, Mom was very concerned and asked our vet again to be clear. Here is what he said:

“Not sure where the information came from on broccoli, but according to both a toxicologist and a nutritionist on VIN, ‘there is nothing wrong with feeding broccoli to dogs unless it is cooked in butter and smothered in cheese sauce’.  No treat should comprise more than 10% of a dog’s daily caloric intake.  The only other caveat that they put on it is that the dog should not have a history of calcium oxalate stones, and as far as I can remember, she does not.”

Mom has taken this advice and made some slight adjustments to our feeding schedule. We now have broccoli only in the morning and have added green beans for a little healthy filler to our afternoon meal.

We eat twice a day and this is our yummy and healthy everyday menu:


  • 1/4 cup Wysong kibble (Oliver gets 1/3 cup because he’s a bit bigger and blessed with a faster metabolism.)
  • 1 tablesoon thawed chopped frozen broccoli (We eat our grocer’s brand. It is blanched before freezing so we know it is safe for us to eat.)
  • 1 tablespoon Wysong wet dog food
  • 1 teaspoon Virgin Coconut Oil*
  • 1 teaspoon watery chicken broth (homemade see recipe below**)
    -mix and serve- YUM!


  • 1/4 cup Wysong kibble (Oliver gets 1/3 cup)
  • 1 tablesoon cooked greenbeans***
  • 1 tablespoon Wysong wet dog food
  • 1 teaspoon watery chicken broth
    -mix and serve- YUM again!

* Mom and Dad add 1 teaspoon of organic virgin coconut oil to our morning meal only. Please see our post on the possible benefits of virgin coconut oil and how our mom eased it into our meals.

**Homemade broth: Mom boils a whole chicken in a big pot of water. She then freezes the broth in small servings. This allows her to add flavor to our meal without all of the additives or unwanted ingredients (onion!) of many store-bought broths.

*** Green beans can be used in addition to kibble to fill bellies a bit more (which is how we use them). They can also be used in substitute of some kibble if you need to shed a pound or too.

If you have interest in trying any of these ideas, please check with your trusted vet and see what she thinks. Then, follow her recommendations as you proceed.

We look forward to hearing from you with any questions, comments and experiences you may have.

Happy Eating and Healthy Living to All!
xoxo always~ The whole Pugs and Kisses family

P.S. We are not gassy pugs. (How embarrassing, but it must be said!) The veggies agree with us. Our humans also think our high quality kibble helps a lot.

PPS We love all products mentioned in this post and we choose to use them because they are high quality. We have not received compensation to mention them.

PPPS We do take some additional supplements  that we have not mentioned, which are specific to our personal needs. If you are looking for supplements,  we recommend discussing it with a holistic vet you trust.

Stress Free Toenail and Nail Trimming Tips for Pugs Continued

~Pug Tip of the Week~
Remember a few weeks back when Mom had an epiphany and decided to begin cutting my nails as I slept? And remember that it actually worked?!?  In fact, it worked so well on the first few nails that I just had to tell you about it- even before we were sure it was going to keep working. We were all so excited and hopeful! Well, now we want to give you the full update…

The sleepy-time cutting is still going great!
Every couple of days my mom cuts one of my nails in the morning as I sleep soundly. She has now gotten almost all of them done, just one or two more to go. She was so excited for us to share this  wonderful success!!! Before this method I was getting SO worked up each time she tried to cut my nails and gee wiz they were not getting any shorter. (As a matter of fact they were getting longer by the day!!)

We are so thrilled.

If you want your human to try this, give them these tips and tell them to just start slowly.
1. Pick a time when your pug is in a very deep sleep. (For me it is early in the morning.)
2. On the first day (or for a few days) just start with a little paw touching. Then massage/scratch/ rub your pug as she loves to be rubbed.
3. On the following day have your nail cutters ready (but out of sight) and once again touch the paw casually. Gently ease into cutting with no sudden movements.  Cut one nail only. Then pet and rub your dog as they love to be rubbed.
4. Go on doing one nail a day (we sometimes skip days) until all of the nails are trimmed.
By the time you get all of the nails done it may be time to start over again….such is life, right?!?

Here’s hoping these tips can help at least one pug get a stress free nail trimming!
Do let us  know how it goes!

xoxo always ~ Gretta Rose de Pug

Pugs and Kisses on Etsy!

Hi friends!
We are so excited about our new cards in our Etsy shop! We’ve been looking forward to sharing them with you!
We have 5 adorable Easter cards and you can see them all here!
Below is a sneak peek at two:
Want to see the inside?

Here’s another cute one for Easter:

We also have Birthday cards:
And Funny cards: 

Want to see the inside of this one ,too?

      Last but not least; our Friendship and Uplifting cards:

So sweet, right?!? We are having so much fun making them! We just love this one of Clara…uplifting for certain!
Please leave a comment here, on Etsy, or on Facebook to tell us  what you think of our new cards.
We can’t wait to hear from you!
With love ~ the whole Pugs and Kisses family

Cute Brother Pug Oliver James ~ on FCF!

YAY it’s Friends Club Friday!!!
Today let’s get to know our sweet little brother,
Oliver James de Pug! Today is the perfect day for this post because today is Ollie’s birthday!!!
Happy Birthday Ollie!
You are the sweetest pug we could ever hope to know! Now we’re going to help everyone get to know you a bit more!

Oliver James is the baby in our family. He is the sweetest, most gentle little brother a family could ever hope for.

Oliver started life with another family. They thought he was sickly and surrendered him. (This really breaks our hearts, but at least he ended up right where he’s supposed to be -with us!!!)

(Oliver had serious eye issues  and these issues were mostly likely a part of his first family’s concerns. Happily, with proper treatment he is feeling and seeing MUCH better these days.) You can read all about his eye issues and treatments here.

Oliver met our mom very soon after his first family gave him up. The moment he saw her he jumped into her arms. She felt their deep connection right away and knew it was kismet. She wanted to bring him home.
She called auntie and thought auntie would say, “No, no you already have 3 pugs that is enough,” but instead auntie said, “Well it seems like its meant to be…” And that is how we became a family of 4 pugs!

All us other pugs feel in love with him immediately. No adjustment needed. His laid-back and loving nature helped so much!

Oliver is a mumma’s boy. He is so attached to our mom! He loves to sleep with her scarves and sweaters so that he always feels close to her. When he was a pupppy, Mom once looked all over the house for him and finally found him in the clothes basket in the laundry room. So cute!

Check out Ollie’s full puppy story here!

Ollie has been very easy to train. Mom says that he is so quick to learn. The only problem is that he is the youngest of 4 dogs so he had not gotten as much training as Mom would like. Luckily, in this house, we don’t believe that old adage about not being able to teach and old dog new tricks (not that he is old, but ya know). Mom is trying to work with him more all the time. (Recently Mom and Ollie made this sock video which shows his spinning mastery!!!) He also knows how to bow, “say hello” and “pray”.

Ollie has a tall build looks like heirloom pug from 100 years ago. He has a very stong and precise vertical leap, a long gate and a prance of a walk. He doesn’t like to walk near loud noises or away from us, brothers and sisters. He gets a little nervous. We are meant to be together:)

Oliver loves to have his teeth brushed. Mom says, Ollie let’s brush your teeth,”and he leaps up into the chair.

Oliver is so agreeable and  as many of you know, he makes a great model. He is willing to try new things and loves dressing up for Pugs and Kisses. Here he is as a director:

He loves to model along side us. Here he is with Riley:

He has done some great work with me!!! Check it out:

Today we will celebrate with treats and a little party and we will also look back on some of his great Pus and Kisses moments. Oh so fun!
Here we are ready for St. Patrick’s Day…

Hmmm… what about Ollie with Clara? They make a great pair, too. Check out their adorable Valentine’s videos from this year and last year! So sweet, right?!

Oliver James, we love you so much! We can’t wait to have a little party and celebrate together! We hope your day is so very special, just like you!!!

We love you always ~ Gretta, Clara, and Riley and the whole family