Pug Calendar Pic WINNER and A DISCOUNT CODE!!!

Hi there friends! Earlier this week we posted these two pics on Facebook and asked you to help us choose the September pic for our 2015 calendar. It was a tough choice and the thoughtful comments you posted really helped us make a good decision. Thank YOU!
Many of you LOVE Riley’s big bright smile in pic A and some of you really love Riley’s thoughtful expression and the way he is holding the skateboard in pic B. We agree with all of you, but we had to make a choice. Sooooo….

PIC A is the winner!

Here are the two reasons we chose Pic A:

1. It got the most votes- by a lot.

2. People who commented on A said how happy Riley looked with his big bright smile and we decided to spread happiness for the 30 days of September, so pic A it is!

As a big, “THANK YOU” for all of your help, we are offering 15% off everything at our Etsy shop now through Monday July 14th. Just click here and use the code SmileRiley to get your discount on our adorable cards and prints. (The code is not case sensitive. We have written it that way to make it easy to read. Also, please note that you can get a great value on shipping when you buy multiple cards.)

More great card-related news! We came up with a fun idea for pic B: Since it won’t be in the calendar we are going to make it a new Friendship card or Uplifting card. That would be cute, right? Now we need to get to work on it! Or get Mom to work on it, rather.

Love and thanks to you all ~ Gretta Rose and the whole P+K fam

Yankee Doodle Puggy!

Keeping Pugs Cool is a Matter of Life and Death!

Hi dear friends!

Keeping us dogs cool when it’s hot is VERY IMPORTANT and can really be a matter of life and death.

Hot temperatures pose a lethal threat to all dogs. We dogs do a much better job of keeping in heat than releasing it. This can lead to heat exhaustion or even heat stoke- which is deadly.

Our mom’s vet friend shared a very scary story with us this week.
A black lab came into her emergency clinic with heat stroke after a walk in the hot weather. Heat stroke is deadly. The poor dog was pooping blood and he is now fighting for his life. We send him so much love to pull through and heal well. We’re sharing this post so that we can all take heat stroke and heat exhaustion very seriously.
Click here to know how to spot heat exhaustion and know how to help a dog who is over heated.
Mom’s vet friend said, “Don’t feel bad about not getting out for your daily walk when it is hot. Stay in, keep cool and keep your dogs healthy and safe!!!

After hearing the story of the lab this thing that really scared our mom: We pugs are short nosed (brachycephalic) dogs and we can overheat even more easily than other breeds! This means that basic precautions may not be enough. In the pug world keeping cool is serious business and we must be vigilant! (Click here if you want to know more about why brachycephalic dogs have a harder time cooling.)

Here are our preventative tips that can help keep all pets cool when it is hot.
We sincerely hope that this helps you never have to treat a dog for heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

1. Always leave out enough fresh water for drinking.

2. Be aware that short nosed dogs overheat fastest and black dogs and dark dogs get hot faster than lighter colored dogs.

3. Keep a close eye on dogs during the heat. If they are panting, take steps to cool them and their environment immediately before they really over heat. See below for tips on that, but never use ice to cool your pet. Use cool water.

4. Make sure your dog’s environment is cool enough.


  • Use air conditioning! If you live in a place that gets above 80 degrees fahrenheit and you have a pug, we believe you need at least one room that is air conditioned. ***Be prepared for power outages*** If your dog or dogs are home alone in the a/c make sure a neighbor with a key can go over and check on them if the power goes out.
  • If for any reason you cannot have one room with a/c, you can use fans, but you will need to be able to wet down your dog often during hot times and  you will need to be home to monitor them.
  • We use air conditioning at our house, but here are a few cooling tools that seem to effectively help other dogs keep cool. Let us know if you use any other these cooling tools! A Cooling blanket, a Cooling Pad- great for senior dogs. You can make make your own, too. A Cooling Vest. Here’s another awesome cooling vest diy project sent to us by Payton’s Mom!


  • Make sure you dog has shade. You can make a shady spot using a tent or tarp.
  • Set up sprinklers or misters to make the air cool.
  • Put out a shallow kiddie/doggie pool- plastic molded (not blow up). Make sure to keep an eye on your dog around water and empty the pool when it is not in use.
  • If you have a lot of property, allow dogs a place to dig and make a cool spot to lay (this is one of their natural ways to be cool).
  • Keep dogs calm and relaxed.

4. NEVER leave your dog in a car unattended! Cars become like ovens! Even if it is just 70 degrees out, the inside of a car can be way over 100! That is deadly and should never happen, not even for a second. Here is a list of other deadly risks that we can all accommodate or avoid all together.

5. If it’s cool enough to go out and play, but still warm, take precautions. Click here and scroll down for our trusty list of staying safe and cool when were are out in summer.

Here’s hoping you are all well and staying cool!
Make sure to share all of your tips in the comments below!
Pug hugs and love ~ Gretta Rose and the whole Pugs and Kisses fam

Snout Soother Winner on Pugs and Kisses!

Wow friends! What a great giveaway! Thank you to everyone for entering!
Congratulations to our winner Ashley Decker and her pug, Addy!!
This is what she had to say about Addy nose:
“I have never tried Snout Soother on my almost 5 year old pug Addy (she will be 5 on the 13th actually!), but she gets such a dry nose and I’ve tried everything, even trying to get it soft with warm wash cloths. She hates me afterwards but its always so dry and it cracks. This would be a perfect product for her. She is my first baby and I would do anything for her. So our fingers and tails are crossed!!
Well, today was your lucky day!!!
And it looks like tomorrow is a very special day!!!

We hope the Soother helps you as much as we think it will!!!
(Ashley we have emailed you and we look forward to sending out your Snout Soother as soon as we receive your address .)

Well, now for more great news!
It seems so many dogs out there have dry noses!!! So to help you out,
Natural Dog Company is giving everyone
15% off Snout Soother!!!

Use the code: PUGSNKISSES for 15% off your order at Natural Dog Company!!!
(The 15% off is good for Snout Soother and ALL of their great products and is valid until June 30th! The code is NOT case sensitive.)

Thank you to Natural Dog Company for this life changing product! Many of the comment this week sounded just like our old dry nose stories and we are so happy to no longer have a dry noses to speak of thanks to Snout Soother!!

Love and hugs and soft noses for all!!!
Always ~ GR and the whole pug family!

Snout Soother GIVEAWAY on the Pugs and Kisses Blog!

It is time for another
Pug and Kisses GIVEAWAY!
One lucky WINNER is going to get a
SNOUT SOOTHER from Natural Dog Company!!!

We just LOVE Snout Soother and we are so excited to share it with you!
We have been using Snout Soother for a year now and our noses feel absolutely great! Thanks to Snout Soother our noses are soft and supple everyday! It truly works way better than anything our mom has ever tried on us before. We love the fact that it is safe and all natural and of course our mom loves that too.  She smears it right on us and she doesn’t need to worry at all about us licking it. Check out the full list of Snout Soother’s natural ingredients! When she’s done putting it on us she rubs any extra Soother right into her own hands! (Doggie Snout Soother and human hand balm in one!!!)

We know lots of you are also using and loving Snout Soother. Maybe you’ll enter this giveaway because you use it faithfully and are ready to get more or maybe you will share with a friend if you win. Maybe you’ve yet to try it and are excited to see for your self what all the fuss is about…oh you’re in for a treat!


NOW for the part we’ve all been waiting for:

Will you be the lucky winner??!!??
Just answer our the following question in the comments below and you’ll be in the running
So tell us:
If you’re new to Snout Soother what makes you want to try it?
If you’re a devoted Snout Soother user, what makes you love it?

(See details about this giveaway in the Giveaway Rules listed below.)

Here’s a huge THANK YOU to Natural Dog Company for this special giveaway!!! Now is a great time to visit Natural Dog Company on Facebook! They are a wonderful company, full of love for all of their four legged friends.

Best of luck to all of you readers! Can’t wait to see who takes home the Snout Soother!
We just know that their nose will be so happy!
Yours truly ~ Oliver James and the whole P+K family

1) Answer one of the following questions in the comment section below:
If you’re new to Snout Soother what makes you want to try it?
If you’re a devoted Snout Soother user, what makes you love it?

2) The winner will be drawn randomly from the comments section of this post on Thursday June 12, 2014 at 9am EST. Please make sure to comment below to be in the running for the free Snout Soother!
3) The winner will be contacted through the email address provided with their comment. Please make sure you can be reached at the email address you provide.
4) The winner will be announced on the blog on Thursday June 12, 2014 at 9:30AM EST!
Best of luck to everybody!!!