Oliver de Pug Recovering from Eye Surgery ~ Day 11

Hey friends!
Day 11 here and I’m feelin’ fine!!!
Look at me! My fur’s growing back and I’m just days away from getting this cone off! Thank goodness and good timing too- just in time for our family VACATION!!
We’re all going to the lake the week after next! YAY! Even my little human niece will be joining us! I’m so excited that I’ve got my flip-flop scarf on!
Hugs to you all ~ Ollie J

PS Mom says the water where we are going is nice and shallow so we can wade right in. My sisters are such good swimmers. I’m getting better, but I could still use some pointers. Maybe I’ll ask Clara for a few lessons!!

Oliver de Pug Recovery from Eye Surgery ~ Day 8

Hi friends!
One more week and I go back to see my eye doctor extraordinaire, Dr. Mathes. I wonder if she will say I can take off my cone??!!?? That certainly would be music to my ears!!! Mom found a green bean stuck in there this afternoon! It must have been left over from breakfast!!! Nice, huh?:P
Mom and I had a great walk in the woods early this morning…I have to say if there is a silver lining to this whole cone thing it is that I get to spend lots of one on one time with Mom…and my sister Clara. I will never forget how good my sweet sister has been to me through this whole ordeal. We were close before but we have taken it up a notch. Now we are pinky swear best friends forever.
Love you all to pieces,
Oliver James

Oliver de Pug Recovering from Eye Surgery ~ Day 6

Hi friends! Day 6 and I’m feeling better every day.
All done with one of my oral medicines. That leaves 2 more oral medications and 5 eye drops every day for a while longer…Yowza!!!
Mom has been sleeping downstairs on a futon with me the last couple of nights with my best friend Clara and last night was the first night I actually got comfortable and slept through the night.
My eyes are felling better every day, but I am not very happy about the cone. I am trying to be patient. Mom says I absolutely cannot take it off until the two weeks are up…one slip up and it could spell disaster…so I am going to tough it out…along with some special treats of course.
Another challenge with this cone is that Gretta and Riley don’t understand why I keep bumping into them. They can get a bit grumpy with me, so until it is off Mom is playing it safe and keeping us separated. It is only a little more than a week to go. Clara is standing by my side giving me nothing but love…I can do this!!!
Love and thanks to you all!
Oliver James


Oliver de Pug Recovers from Eye Surgery ~ Day 4

Hello dear friends!
Here I am! Day 4 after my eye surgery!
Dr. Mathes’ office called this morning to see how I am doing and I said, “I feel pretty darn good!” So good that I decided to wear one of my awesome Buddy Love’s Bow Tie’s for my picture today! This tie sure helps me express my happiness (which is handy since my eyes still need a few days)! Thanks Buddy Love and Buddy Love’s mamma, you both rock!!!
Speaking of my looks; what do you think? Better everyday, right?
Well, I’m going to take off my tie and take a nice nap. Wish I could take off my darn cone. It’s actually not terribly bad. My dog bed is perfectly shaped for me get comfy even with this silly cone.  That’s good cause rest = healing!
Thanks for all of your loving comments. Your are all so special to me!
Love to you and see you tomorrow!!!
Oliver James



Oliver de Pug Recovers from Eye Surgery ~ Day 3

Hi Friends!
So nice to see you here! How are you doing today?
Thanks so much for checking in! I’m doing well, thanks for asking! My eyes are looking good (I think the swelling has gone down a bit. What do you think?) and Mom says I’m being such a trooper.
Mom also says I’m her little teddy bear in this pic. What do you think?

I’m resting a lot today. I had a hard time getting comfy in our bed last night with my cone on. I kept circling and bumping into everyone. Darn cone! My best-buddy and sister, Clara, was very understanding though. She is still being so kind to me today. Every time I try to visit with her I bump her with my big ole cone. She said she doesn’t mind. She’s so good to me!

Thanks to you all and to sweet Clara for all the love you’re giving me!
Until tomorrow,
Ollie J