Spooky Halloween Pug Video by The Fabulous Pug Models of Pugs and Kisses

What do you think, friends? Am I spooky or cute or both?? Happy Halloween!
Love and pug hugs ~ Goth Girl Clara Francis de Pug

Scary Halloween Pugs ~ The Fabulous Pug Models of Pugs and Kisses

Check out our first ever video…now a pug Halloween favorite. Hope we don’t scare you too much!!
xxoo~ G and the whole pug fam

Tiny Pug in Matchbox GIVEAWAY WINNER on Pugs and Kisses!

Hi Friends!  Thanks to everyone for entering this great Tiny Pug in a Matchbox giveaway!
 We have a winner AND a DISCOUNT for all!!!

Hendrix the Pug’s momma and OwlHaveYouInStitches are offering
15% OFF all Tiny Pugs in a Matchbox
and the other minis in her shop too!!!

Just use the code PUGSNKISSES when checking out.
The code is not case sensitive.
(To use the code: click on the blue writing that says “apply shop coupon code”. It should appear just below the payment options and just above the item total. It is on the very right hand side of our screen.)
Congratulations to our winner DARLA F. and her pugs!!!!!

This is what Darla had to say in her comment, “If I was the lucky winner of the Matchbox Pug I would keep it on my desk since my Pugs are not allowed in my office. When people see it, it will be my chance to advocate for Pug rescue and adoption of a Pug in need. (I personally love the senior Pugs!)”
Isn’t that sweet!?!

Darla, you will receive one Tiny Pug in a Matchbox of your choice!
(We have just emailed you and look forward to hearing from you soon.)

Which Tiny Pug would you choose? We love our two Tiny Pugs in Matchboxes and we are thinking of asking Mom to use this 15% OFF to add to our collection… Maybe mom will get two more pugs then there will be 4 to represent all of us… or maybe the Boston terrier to remind us of Cousin Jasper….. or how about the Zombie Pug in a Matchbox??

Cute and spooky just in time for Halloween!!!
Maybe we’ll get all 4! The shipping is just $3.50 for 1-10 Tiny Pugs!

Oh we just love giveaways and discount codes!
We’ve got lots more great giveaways lined up to share with you!
If you have any more ideas for giveaways message us or leave a comment here.

Lots of love and many thanks to Hendrix the Pug, his mommy, and to all of you!!!
See you very soon,
Gretta Rose and the whole fam

MINI Pug in a Matchbox GIVEAWAY!!!

YAY! YAY! It’s another puggie giveaway!!!

Aren’t these tiny pugs just the cutest little things ever??!!?? Yes, that’s right! They are so small that they fit into a little matchbox bed!! Our mom has two and she says she smiles every time she looks at them! Cute, cute, cute!

Wanna hear the best part?
One lucky pug-lover will WIN his or her choice of one of
these handmade adorable pugs in a matchbox!

(You can choose a fawn or black pug and chevron or floral bedding.)

Enter to win by simply commenting on this post. Read the giveaway rules below for more info. One lucky winner will be chosen at random and announced tomorrow. We can’t wait to see who will win the teenie-tiny cutie pug!!

These charming pug collectables are made by OwlHaveYouInStiches (an oh so cute Etsy shop run by the mommy of our good friend Hendrix the Pug).  A big THANK YOU to Hendrix and his creative mommy for giving our friends such an adorable item! We love a great puggie giveaway!!

Do you all know Hendrix? He is a sweet pug who was diagnosed with diabetes last year.
Happily, he is doing well but his vet bills are pretty hefty!
His mom creates these cute little minis in matchboxes to help offset his vet costs.

Let the giveaway begin!
Please see the giveaway rules below and be sure to leave a comment.
We are so excited to see who the winner will be!

Love and thanks to Hendrix and his mommy and to you all!
Always~ Gretta Rose and the whole pug family

1)This vendor only ships in the United States. Friends outside the U.S. please sit this one out. We are working on upcoming giveaways in Australia, Canada, and the UK! Thanks for your understanding.)
2) Answer the following questions in the comment section below:
Where would you put your pug in a matchbox OR Who would you give it too? (Don’t they make great gifts!!??!!) TWO tips for commenting: A. Make sure to do that little math problem after your comment to prove you are a person. B. Know that your comment will be moderated before it goes live, so if you don’t see it, check back a bit later!
3) The winner will be drawn randomly from the comments section of this post on Thursday October 17, 2014 (at 9 am EST).
4) The winner will be contacted through the email address provided with their comment. Please make sure you can be reached at the email address you provide.
5) The winner will be announced on the blog on October 17, 2014 (by 11 am EST).
*** Please note that though the picture shows two pugs in a matchbox, the giveaway is for one pug.

Best of luck to everybody!!!

Oliver de Pug Recovering from Eye Surgery ~ Day 11

Hey friends!
Day 11 here and I’m feelin’ fine!!!
Look at me! My fur’s growing back and I’m just days away from getting this cone off! Thank goodness and good timing too- just in time for our family VACATION!!
We’re all going to the lake the week after next! YAY! Even my little human niece will be joining us! I’m so excited that I’ve got my flip-flop scarf on!
Hugs to you all ~ Ollie J

PS Mom says the water where we are going is nice and shallow so we can wade right in. My sisters are such good swimmers. I’m getting better, but I could still use some pointers. Maybe I’ll ask Clara for a few lessons!!