Gretta’s Girls Cards and Calendars by Pugs and Kisses

Dearest friends!!!
Pugs and Kisses has a new, laugh out loud, card and calendar line!!!
We call it Gretta’s Girls! Of course the boys are there too, but it’s really all about sisterhood and us ladies laughing together at the light-hearted side of life…
Have you seen it yet???
Come check it out at!!!
Can’t wait to hear what you think!
Hugs and love always,
The P+K fam


Check out the 2017 GRETTA’S GIRLS Calendar!!!

And Our Adorable NEW Greeting Cards!!!


It’s Been Too Long!!!

Dear friends,
We are so sorry that we disappeared from this blog!! We found that we were connecting much more easily with friends through our Pugs and Kisses Facebook page, so we have ween putting all of our energy into communicating there… Have you been to our page recently? We hope so…If you follow us on Facebook, you will know that these three sweet pugs Gretta, Riley, and Clara (3 of our Pugs and Kisses founders) have now passed on to the Rainbow Bridge.

It’s been a hard and emotional 1.5 years, to say the least.  Gretta left us in January 2015, Clara passed this July, and Riley just 20 days later, in August. Gretta was our first pug ever to pass, our baby girl. It split our hearts into a million pieces. Time has made the loss bearable, but it will never heal. We miss her so much. Clara and Riley passing in such a short time was a huge blow, we miss them everyday. Gretta, Clara, and Riley all had wonderful, long, happy, love – filled lives…. It is just so hard to say so long to our beloved family members.

Now Ollie, Maddie, and Zoe are holding down the fort. We miss their sisters and brothers more than our hearts knew was possible, but the pug love from these three help us to go on…

And they help each other too….Thank goodness we have oneanother!!
Love to you all and see you on Facebook!
The Pugs and Kisses family

Pugs and Kisses 2016 Calendar!!!

Cute, cuter, cutest… Our 2016 calendar is page after page of cuteness! Each month is cuter than the one before!!! Wait, is that possible?!!? Click here to shop the calendar… Click here to shop all Pugs and Kisses cards and calendars… Thanks and Love to you all, the P+K fam

























Notes page


Back cover

Hope you love it!!! xxoo for our fam to your! Mmmmmwhaa!

Maddie and Zoe de Pug Visit with Their Cute Niece

Hey Friends,
Our niece is here for a visit! We are doing a little pumpkin shopping and having a grand ol’ time!
Love you all,
Pug Sisters M.K. and Z.E.


This Pug Loves a Hug

So true… Don’t you agree, my friends?! I just love to be in my dad’s arms…
Love to all,
Clara Francis de Pug